About weddings and People


Like every year, the summer came and went, giving us numerous opportunities for happy adventures, joyful encounters with the sea, conquering mountain peaks and many, and I really mean many weddings.

I’m not sure if the number of people to be wedded is on the rise. I guess this is something for statistics enthusiasts. The one thing that we can confirm confidently is that the percentage of events (including weddings) supporting charities is progressively rising.

Good will gestures can be seen more often at such special events; they not only bring joy to the guests, leaving precious memories, but they also bring something good into the world, changing the society around us as well as the people that we meet. In this way they help us to change and develop, too.

Not too long ago, a colleague of mine shared that we can’t possibly succeed as individuals if we are ignorant of the problems in the society around us, because our environment is what partly defines us and what we can achieve as human beings.

Improving the conditions in society and reducing some of the social problems is exactly the mission of our workshops making soaps HOPe Soap.


Handmade by vulnerable young adults who grew up without parental care, the soaps are one of the ways to generate income for maintaining the Houses of Opportunity.

The small enterprise exists since 2012 with its main aim not only being the financial support of the Foundation but also the provision of a work environment for young adults in challenging life situations in order to give them a sense of belonging.

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The shapes of the soaps are always adapted to the various seasons, to the client’s demands and to the feel of the event.

This summer the events were plentiful. Plentiful were also the soaps that the young people produced – hearts with different shapes and sizes to sea shells, anchors, starfishes, flowers and even footballs.

Some of the newly-weds decided to support FSCI, not only by giving handmade soaps as presents to their guests, but also by asking their guests to donate to the charity instead of buying flowers for them.


The wedding of Blagoi and Nadia had a blue colour scheme. Elena and Velcho chose lilac for their special day, others opted for a romantic classic pink and ordered little heart-shaped soaps in a sparkly bag. It all brought a sense of hope and beauty to the summer. It also brought awareness for a stronger society where people make the effort to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. And by doing so they become more responsible for their environment as well as better human beings.