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The dangers that state care leavers face when they leave institutions at eighteen, the high school drop-out rate and social isolation of Roma children and the huge challenges vulnerable young people face when finding and keeping a job are not just limited to Bulgaria. These shared problems undermine communities right across the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

FSCI has developed well designed, effective projects and programmes that address these problems and we are very excited to be in the position to offer them to other like-minded organisations throughout the region. For this purpose, we are inviting people and organisations from a number of different countries who have an interest in the different areas FSCI is working in and who share our vision and values to partner with us by joining our FSCI Development Programme.

The FSCI Development Programme encompasses the following components:

  1. An annual FSCI conference bringing together partners as well as interested people from across the Balkans to enable networking, sharing of good practice and capacity building. We hope to inspire, encourage and equip people in the Balkans.
  2. Support and regular training to those who want to use the House of Opportunity manual to set up a House of Opportunity Programme.
  3. Support and training to those who want to use an Early Years Education and a Social Enterprise manual which we are currently piloting (these programmes are at an early stage of development whereas the House of Opportunity Programme has been running since September 2007).
  4. Access to funding for participants in the Development Programme who want to run an FSCI programme/project.

We are very excited that seven organisations are partnering with us. House of Opportunity projects have started in Serbia (2 Houses), Croatia (2 Houses) and Bosnia & Herzegovina, with Albania not far behind. Our Greek partners are running a Day Care Centre for care leavers in Athens.

Would your organisation like to hear more about this?

Contact Teodora Koleva, CEO FSCI Bulgaria,, +359 878 664 858 

Our FSCI Development Programme Partners:


 Centar Zvezda, Serbia


partner4Our kids Charity Foundation, Bosnia and Herzegovina

parner1 A2B, Albania

  Beginning of Life, Modova

I Want Life LOGO

I Want Life, Croatia

Kentro_Erevnon_Rizes_Logo_Square (1)

Roots Research Center, Greece

CPKP (Macedonia) - ЦПКП

Center for Supporting Creative Endeavors, Macedonia