House of Opportunity Sofia


Mario Stoyanov

Social worker “House of opportunity” Sofia – Druzhba district

My professional career started as an intern in an NGO working with prevention of children at risk. Subsequently, I participated in several volunteer initiatives of different NGOs.
Then I started an internship at a private mental health centre. The internship was focused in two ways on developing emotional and social intelligence in children and in gaining personal experience in individual and group counseling, lasting in individual counseling for 2yrs and in group counseling for almost 4yrs.
While studying I started work related to preschool children. Subsequently I started working in a private education centre as a teacher of primary school children.
I then became part of the team at an addiction treatment center. In this job I had the opportunity to conduct individual and group counseling under the supervision of the treatment center manager. Here I learned that anyone can walk the path to change and inspire others to follow.
In 2023, I joined the great team at FSCI.
The dedication of my fellow team members is truly contagious. I am here because I believe in personal stories. I believe that everyone is entitled to a chance and an opportunity to find their path and the things that make them happy without being rejected and isolated because of their past. I can be of help to a young person to “write their story”.