House of Opportunity Sofia


Stoian Stoianov

Manager “House of Opportunity” Sofia 

I was born in 1972, married with three children.
The utilization of the profession of a musician got me through many places, I have met many people, and I had many life experiences.
For years I have been watching how every generation looks anxiously at the next one. I have a strong desire to help the young people we at FSCI are working with.
Nothing can replace the family environment, but I hope that we as a team will be useful in developing the potential and capabilities of these young people.



Verzhiniya Ilieva

Social worker “House of Opportunity” Sofia – Druzhba and Lyulin district

I have bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Since 2004 I have been working with people in risk under the programme for Prevention of HIV and STI. I work mainly with young people. At “House of Opportunity” I found a way to work with the young people so that they don’t get in the risky environment. It is wonderful to be able to see how a new, better and more persistent generation is growing before your eyes.



Latinka Krumova

Social worker “House of opportunity” Sofia – Druzhba district

I have a Master’s degree in in “Social Pedagogy” with over twenty-three years of experience working with children, elderly, addicts and their relatives. My postgraduate training includes group therapy, contemporary addictions treatment, integrative approaches, family therapy, systems approach – working with parents and families, general and special psychotherapy, violence and health, comorbidity, health communication, anxiety disorders and depression.

For the past two years I have been running a ‘Psychosocial Rehabilitation’ programme for people with mental and behavioural disorders. From my experience, I realized that people need to be listened and understood. This I consider my mission.

Working with the youth at FSPI is a natural extension and a breath of fresh air. We accompany them in difficult moments and strive to teach them to live independently. We strive to give them broader perspective, balance, work, planning and finances. Their achievements are our satisfaction!

In my spare time I enjoy gardening and nature. I am interested in topics such as climate and environmental conservation!


Maria Vachkovska

Social worker “House of opportunity” Sofia – Druzhba district

I graduated Psychology at “Cyril and Methodius” University. I have worked in kindergartens and schools as a resource teacher, pedagogical advisor, psychologist, and public educator.

My work as a social worker in the FSPI is also my personal cause. To help in time, to inspire youth and to preserve their dignity.