Liliana Kalnakova-LeMaire

Born in Sofia, BA in animation, illustrated 3 published children books. At present volunteering with patients with dementia in a hospice and art facilitator for a service users group in a nature reserve. In the process of completing a diploma in therapy, based on Buddhist psychology. I volunteer for FSCI (translation work, drawing), because I finally want things to change and for people to embrace compassion instead of fear. I want that these young people are given a chance to be valued as decent human beings. After a long time of sadness, there is finally some hope and I want to pass that on.


Elitsa Kraleva

Volunteer – HOPe SOAPS, Social Centre Opportunity




Gabriel Ilieva

Volunteer – translations and mentoring

Summer  camps for children

As a volunteer at FSCI I am doing different things – sometimes I am helping with the preparation of events or I may be practically involved in some projects but mostly I help with translation – of text files and simulated translation. I also participate in the summer camp of FSCI and The Trussell Trust with the children from Lipnitsa as a part of the translation team. It is held every year and last year it was in Kranevo. One of the most exciting and satisfying moments I had last summer were exactly there – with the kids. The moment which then inspired me the most was when I saw a child shedding tears of joy while we were talking. At that moment this girl was so vulnerable and the only thing she needed was love and someone who would believe in her… Then I realized that it is really worth it.

For me it is important to be empathetic and to contribute to the development of our society and generation. I think that the social status of the nation depends on each one of us, so I have decided to take my part. And what is better than being available when someone needs you?

I sincerely admire the amazing hearts of the team and every participator to the FSCI as well as the mission on which they have committed. It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of every initiation they make.