Lipnitsa feeding

The project aims to encourage school attendance and to help improve the learning performance of children aged between 6 and 16. FSCI provides children’s feeding in Lipnitsa School (Municipality of Botevgrad) with the financial support of Weddington UMC, USA. Every winter the school canteen provides breakfast and lunch daily to between 70-100 and supper to 40-50 children who are accommodated in the school.



The children of Lipnitsa come from families who live in terrible conditions. Some of them struggle to provide food for their children. Some children are subject to violence, abuse or other negative practices in the family. Many of them are forced to beg. Education in such conditions is not a priority and many of these children are at risk of dropping out of education altogether. Provision of food to the children works in support of the families who are willing to send their children to school but whose financial situation will not allow it.