story1Nikolay Tsekov is 26 years old and loves farm animals, especially sheep.

Niki arrived at the House of Opportunity at the age of 23, when the family he lived with after he had left the orphanage refused to continue to help him.

He has spent his life moving from one orphanage to another after his parents left him when his grandmother died. The last orphanage he lived in was in the town of Berkovitsa. He attended the ‘slow school’ there. He has no medical disabilities but he was at a place where he did not have a chance to develop his potential. Now, Niki is 26 years old and is absolutely illiterate, he does not recognize money and sometimes he finds it hard to make sentences. On the other hand he is very hardworking, cheerful and is always ready to help and moreover he is very affectionate and sincere.

Niki remembers, with a smile, the summer he arrived at the House of Opportunity. A party was organized for his birthday in his first days there. It was the best party he ever had. He tells us that he likes Skravena and the life in the house and he feels this is like in a family. Mostly he likes Mr. Petkov and Mrs. Todorova, who “sometimes shout, but for the better”. His best friend is the neighbor Plamen to whom he helps breeding the sheep.

During his time spent in the house Nikki has become more responsible, keeps a regime and brushes his teeth regularly, which did not happen before.

He had never thought about his future as an adult before. Now he wants to live on his own, to breed cows, sheep, goats and horses. To start with, Nikki would be happy to be employed at the cleaning company in the Municipality. He dreams for a wife and one child- a boy. He will teach him good things and he will never leave him at an orphanage“because it is better in a family”.