Social Centre Opportunity


The aim of the project is to implement an integrated approach in the delivery of social services and the development of social / employment skills of care leavers and people at risk of poverty.
This objective will be achieved by:
  • constructing a psycho-social centre, consisting of practical skills, mediating the transition to independent living, deinstitutionalization and demarginalization;
  • creating a platform for organizations working with target groups in order to improve the provided services;
  • establishing a network of interested parties – NGO sector, government institutions and business organizations;

The project focuses on young people that have lived in social institutions. These young people all face a problem, when, at the age of 18, they find themselves unprepared to be active citizens in our democratic society.

By supporting these young people, this project aims at reducing economic and social inequality, which has become part of the lives of underpriviliged people.

The involvement of business organizations in the project ensures the professional development of the representatives of the target groups by providing them with work and creating prerequisites for reducing social inequalities between marginalized communities and society. This innovative approach will provide services, that aim to improve the welfare of the representatives of the target groups.

Fields of work: 

1. Social entrepreneurship
Involvement in the process of production of soaps is suitable for young people who fail to realize on the labor market.
2. Social skills
Experts psychologists and social workers will work with the young people to build social skills, needed to adequately meet the challenges of independent living.
3. Work skills
The process of making soaps includes very few operations, which makes it suitable for people with different levels of intellectual and physical abilities. The process is a combination of creativity and routine sequence. Thus the process creates conditions for the development of work habits and skills in protected environment.
4. Sales skills
Young people at the Centre have the opportunity to participate in the distribution of products (soaps), made by them. In this way they develop skills for presentation to potential customers and give them knowledge about distribution.
5. Consultation
The centre has opportunities for counseling of young people in the following areas:
  • searching, finding and keeping a job;
  • preparation for applying for a job;
  • legal issues, related to labor market, labor law, social security, etc .;
6. Redirecting
In need of specialized support, the Centre advises and redirects its beneficiaries to partners from the governmental and NGO sectors, social institutions and other institutions in order to adequately meet the specific needs of beneficiaries.
This document was created with the financial support of the program that supports NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic area. The entire responsibility for the contents of this document rests with the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion and under no circumstances can be assumed that this document reflects the official opinion of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic area and the Operator of Programme for support of NGOs in Bulgaria.