Early Years Education

Early Years Education in the Roma community of Faculteta, Sofia


Anna Ilieva

Social activity associate

I have fifteen years of experience in the NGO sector, with interests in health and education programs, aimed at the Roma community. I have organized workshops and campaigns for various community programmes and initiatives. I have worked as an outreach worker and head of health education groups for young people and their families. Since 2007 I have been working as health mediator at Sofia Municipality. Throughout my professional experience I have participated in advanced trainings and seminars in order to develop additional knowledge, skills and techniques.

I am currently studying Public Health and Health Management at the Medical University in Sofia.

Since May 2014 I am part of the team of the “Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion.” It is a real pleasure for me to work with young and motivated people. I am glad that I have found my place. I love my job and it motivates me to help people from my ethnicity to deal more easily with their daily challenges and their integration into society.


Lilyana Todorova


I have graduated from the Institute for teachers in the town of Vratsa. I have spent more than 40 years working at Feniks kindergarten in Sofia. Since 2015, when the Center for Community Support was opened in Fakulteta, I have been working as a teacher in the children’s group. I have decided to continue my professional path here and be useful with my experience and love for children. Now that I see the results for these children, I am pleased with my mission.


Velitchka Slavkova

Community assistant
I have graduated from the High School of Textile and Leather Products in Sofia. I am currently studying Pre-school and Primary Education in Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. I joined the team of FSCI in September 2018, but I have always felt part of their work as a mother of two children attending regularly the group activities. My personal motivation to work in the children’s group is to help children’s well-being and to help them “build” their priorities.

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Sevda Dimitrova

Community associate

Since my early school years I have been volunteering in different NGOs that work in our community. After graduating as an assistant tutor from 135 School “Yan Komenski” I became part of the team of an NGO that works in the neighborhood of Faculteta. This is the neighbourhood I grew up and currently live in. For me it is very important to be a good example for the young people in our community and to help them and their parents change their attitudes towards education and early marriages.