Early Years Education

Early Years Education in the Roma community of Faculteta, Sofia

Anna Ilieva

Social activity associate

I have fifteen years of experience in the NGO sector, with interests in health and education programs, aimed at the Roma community. I have organized workshops and campaigns for various community programmes and initiatives. I have worked as an outreach worker and head of health education groups for young people and their families. Since 2007 I have been working as health mediator at Sofia Municipality. Throughout my professional experience I have participated in advanced trainings and seminars in order to develop additional knowledge, skills and techniques.

I am currently studying Public Health and Health Management at the Medical University in Sofia.

Since May 2014 I am part of the team of the “Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion.” It is a real pleasure for me to work with young and motivated people. I am glad that I have found my place. I love my job and it motivates me to help people from my ethnicity to deal more easily with their daily challenges and their integration into society.


Sevda Dimitrova

Community associate

Since my early school years I have been volunteering in different NGOs that work in our community. After graduating as an assistant tutor from 135 School “Yan Komenski” I became part of the team of an NGO that works in the neighborhood of Faculteta. This is the neighbourhood I grew up and currently live in. For me it is very important to be a good example for the young people in our community and to help them and their parents change their attitudes towards education and early marriages.