Become an Employer

In order for a person to develop their talent and realize their capacity a chance is needed. The young people participating in “House of Opportunity” program have a chance to take their lives in their own hands – to complete their education and/or to work, and in this process they have our full support. We all have had our first steps in our professional development. We have all had difficulties. The young people in disadvantaged situation have their specific traits, and in some cases it’s more difficult for them, but with understanding and support from all, in most of the cases they are successful.

The young people participants in the “House of Opportunity” programme receive support for vocational training, in finding and keeping their first work place, and mentoring by the social workers in the programme.

In FSCI we have a good practice in developing and maintaining good cooperation relations with employers to facilitate and assist in the process of adaptation and learning the skills and habits . Employers and young people can rely on us for support in overcoming any challenges faced at the beginning of their professional development.

So far we have successfully cooperated with bgpratka, Skravena village municipality, Mercury CM – Gabrovo, Creations-G Ltd.

In case you are willing to give a a young person a chance, do contact us:

+359 878 664 858

Teodora Koleva