Support the renovation of housing for young people, under “House of Opportunity” Program


When young people who grew up without parental care come of age and leave social institutions, they quickly face the choice – staying on the street or trying to manage their lives on their own as adults. Unfortunately, however, they very often have no knowledge and skills for a dignified and fulfilling life.

The Program “House of Opportunity” of Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSPV) is a network of family-type housing in which young people with similar backgrounds make the necessary sustainable transition to independent life.

How do we help them? With shelter, food, formal and informal training, finance management, personal health care, developing social skills, finding and keeping permanent employment, professional courses and even university education.


Within 2 years FSPV gives young people a chance to “get on their feet” so that they do not have to be supported by social services or institutions in the future. Since the beginning of the program, more than 200 young people have lived “House of Opportunity”. More than 2/3 of which are now independent individuals. Some are students, others are professionally developing, and there are already successful and caring parents among them.


“House of Opportunity” has two apartments in the city of Sofia – g.k. Lyulin and Zh.k. Druzhba, with a total capacity of 10 young people. Eight years after the start of the service on the territory of Sofia Municipality, it is time to repair and refresh the apartments.


Your donations will help the Foundation to collect the necessary funds as quickly as possible for materials to repair and improve the living conditions of young people who, like all of us, need peace and comfort.


How can you help?

By bank transfer to the following bank account: