Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that as main builders of sustainable economic growth businesses play an essential part in improving the quality of life and wellbeing of the members of our society.

This is why the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion works hard to create positive partnerships with the corporate sector. Our goal is to find partners to combine our efforts and resources in order to achieve sustainable results with mutual benefit.


  • Cause Marketing – add value to your products/ services by engaging them with a cause;
  • Responsible Employer– Build team motivation by donating a working day to do some voluntary work, involve your staff  in Payroll Giving or employ an underprivileged young person on your team;
  • Gifts in Kind – donate your B2B products/services and help us optimize our budget; or if you sell household products/services you could help the young people from our Houses of Opportunity;
  • Financial Giving – get tax relief by donating money for a cause you like, and we will make sure you get all the necessary paperwork and reports on how your donation was spent and what effect your generosity has had.

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“A good company delivers excellent products and services, and a great company does all that and strives to make the world a better place”. William Ford Jr., Chairman, Ford Motor Co.

“In my view the successful companies of the future will be those that integrate business and employees’ personal values. The best people want to do work that contributes to society with a company whose values they share, where their actions count and their views matter.”Jeroen van der Veer, Committee of Managing Directors (Shell)

“CSR is not a cosmetic; it must be rooted in our values. It must make a difference to the way we do our business” Phill Watts – Royal Dutch / Shell Group

“The Republic of Bulgaria is aiming to build a developed and balanced society by encouraging corporate social responsibility for achieving sustainable economic growth and improving the quality of life. This favorable environment is achieved through the intensive development of relationships on international, national, regional, and local levels. All stakeholders play a part in this process by building partnerships.” Extract from 2009 – 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy