Divine goodness at Christmas

Thanks to the efforts of FSCI UK and FSCI Bulgaria, 9,224 neatly packed presents reached children and adults who live in poverty across the whole country.

The size of the campaign keeps growing every year and the initiative includes more and more places in Bulgaria.The number of volunteers as well as the people who donated money keeps rising as well. The campaign ‘Christmas Boxes’ this year reached Kostenets, Varna, Sofia, Balchik, Pravets,Vidrare, Botevgrad, Hairedin,Boichinovtsi, Stara Zagora, Ruse, Trastenik, Novgrad, Sandanski, Biala Slatina, Burgas, Bobovdol, Lipnitsa, Pleven, Tarnava, Krislovo and Dobrich.

1 FSCI Christmas Appeal 2017

“To give presents for the birth of Christ means so much. On the one hand this symbolises the gift that humankind has received on this day. On the other hand, we show to the people who live on the edges of society, who are often forgotten and overlooked, that we still think and care about them.Because the most important thing on Christmas is to be good to each other, not only with our relatives and friends but also with strangers who need support”, says Teodora Koleva, the director of FSCI Bulgaria.

The gifts were donated by the people in the UK, and the transportation and warehouse costs were covered through donations in Bulgaria.

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The gifts were given to children, adults and elderly in family-type accommodation, homes for children without parental care, old people’s homes, poor families, refugee camps, schools in very poor areas, community centres, prisons, juvenile detention centres, centres for children and youth with learning difficulties, clubs for disabled people, shelters and many other places where the need for Christmas cheer was essential.

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“We are grateful to all of our colleagues at FSCI UK for the tremendous effort they have put in to organise the campaign in the UK. Just imagine how many gifts they managed to collect, sort and pack. Every single present comes with a label explaining what it contains and who it is intended for (for instance, a 5 year oldgirl or a teenage boy). We are also grateful to the Bulgarian people who donated 4700 lv. The cost of storage and transportation was 1,788,68lv., which means that we have plenty of money left over for the next campaign. For the unloading of the presents from the lorry we had the help of 50 volunteers”, added Teodora Koleva.