Experian gives helping hand to Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion

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“Adopt a house” project

This project is the first joint project between Experian, a global information services group and the non governmental organization Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion.

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Experian is getting involved by financing one House of Opportunity, which is a small group home for young adults, who have grew up in institutions. Thanks to the joint initiative, the Foundation will be able to partially cover the running costs of the first House of Opportunity in Sofia for a period of one year. This initiative will help support six young adults; it will also pay for two training sessions for 30 beneficiaries from vulnerable backgrounds.

In addition to this financial support, the Foundation, which has been working with young care leavers since 2008, will rely on its partnership with Experian in the form of mentoring and volunteering.

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The House of Opportunity network, managed by FSCI, not only provides young people with a place to live after they leave the institution, but also gives them invaluable support by helping them to look for jobs, to develop social and working skills as well as any additional skills to cope with real life.

FSCI is responsible for a network of five Houses across the country- Varna,Burgas,Ruse and Sofia (Druzhba and Lyulin).

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More than 130 young adults have been benefited over the years form the House of Opportunity Programme, which started in 2008. Out of all 130, 63% have started work, 27% have kept their work for more than six months, 74% have improved their social skills, 25% have improved their level of education, 60% have built up positive relationships with members of the local community thanks to the programme, 78% have a place of their own to live after the programme, 100 % have preserved or improved their health.

You can get involved too! The information is on our FSCI website or you can email us at office@fcibulgaria.org or call the FSCI team on +359 878 664851.