Spare change donations help to open new “House of Opportunity”

жсThe fifth edition of VIVACOM’s charity initiative, Operation “Yellow Coins”, has collected a total of BNG 105,000 in cash, products and services so far.

This year Operation “Yellow Coins” is supporting the “House of Opportunity” Programme, a network of family-type houses for vulnerable young people who have left state care, run by the “Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion” (FSCI). The campaign has successfully reached its target of raising enough money to open a new “House of Opportunity” in Sofia.

Donations were received from the public via hundreds of special collection boxes located at VIVACOM stores and at partnering companies. Some of the companies matched the donated amounts, while others provided food products, beverages, equipment, household products and even free dental and health care services to the young people who are part of the “House of Opportunity” Programme.

Some of the biggest benefits of the campaign have been the internships, training and employment opportunities offered by the partnering companies to the young men and women from the Programme. Local businesses have been very supportive from the beginning of the campaign and so far three young people have been employed on permanent contracts!

The success of this year’s “Yellow Coins” appeal has inspired VIVACOM to turn this into a year-round campaign; the well-known piggy banks will be left permanently at stores and VIVACOM hopes that customers and visitors will join with them to support the FSCI’s efforts in providing vulnerable young people with a fresh new start.