The young people at Social Centre “Opportunity” produced special soaps for “Baba Marta”

The unusual Pizho and Penda martenitsi will be sold at the end of the month at charity bazaar of the employees of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria

soa1The Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion will take part in Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria’s charity bazaar, organized on the occasion of one of the favorite holidays of all Bulgarians – “Baba Marta”.

*Baba Marta (Bulgarian: Баба Марта, “Granny March”) is the name of a mythical figure who brings with her the end of the cold winter and the beginning of the spring. Her holiday of the same name is celebrated in Bulgaria on March 1 with the exchange and wearing of martenitsi. Baba Marta folklore is also present in southern and eastern Serbia where it is a reference as to a freezing weather change after a spring break.

soa2The young people that are part of FSCI’s “Social Centre “Opportunity”” project have decided to be innovative – this year Pizho and Penda will not be made out of wool or yarn – they will be soaps! The soaps will be in the colours of the spring, according to the Bulgarian traditions – white and red.