What new at Social Centre Opportunity?

air liquide logoFour new workshops, covering employment skills, as well as a basic understanding of how to live an independent life, have been organised by the experts of the psycho-social centre in Sofia

During the workshops, young adults, who have grown up in institutions for children, deprived of parental care discussed with the team of FSCI the topic of work opportunities.

The workshops also included the opportunity to apply for different jobs. The team discussed with the young adults the most appropriate jobs for them by relying on the organisation’s direct contacts with the employers.

Apart from running these practical workshops, the Social Centre has been offering advice and guidance to twenty-three more young adults, nine of which are, as a result, accommodated in the observed “Houses of Opportunity”or have been redirected to other social services.


Thanks to the funding that the project received, FSCI was able to afford the materials used in making the soaps. Some of these soaps were distributed in several cities in Bulgaria in order to advertise the social enterprise HOPe SOAP.


The social enterprise gives young people the opportunity to fill their time with productive activities by making soaps and allows them to develop work and social skills. The enterprise also generates financial support for the House of Opportunity Programme.


Address of the Social Centre Opportunity:

Sofia,bul. “Dimitar Petkov” 75, floor 1, ap.3


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