FSCI with new supporter for its psychosocial centre in Sofia

air liquide logoFSCI applied for and won funding for its already running project “Innovative approach in matching social services with social entrepreneurship – Social Centre “Opportunity””. The funding is from “Air Liquide Foundation” and will allow the project to continue for 5 more months. During this period of time, the team of FSCI will have the opportunity to continue helping people in risk of poverty and young people leaving state care in their transition to dignified and independent living.

The financing includes not only maintaining the psychosocial centre, but also purchase of furniture for the centre, as well as support for further development of the social enterprise of the foundation – “Workshop for soaps – HOPe SOAP”.

The main focus of the work in the psychosocial centre “Opportunity” is:
• Consulting, redirection and escorting of the clients;
• Development of social and employment skills through work in the social enterprise of FSCI for soap production;
• Increasing the knowledge and skills of the young people through trainings in several key areas: social skills, commercial skills, personal development and training for searching, finding and keeping a job;
• Create and maintain a network of stakeholders – NGO sector, government institutions and business organizations.

For the two years in which center “Opportunity” has been working, it managed to achieve impressive results:

  • 114 beneficiaries have been trained (many of them have gone through more than 1 training);
  • 2719 pcs. produced and distributed soaps;
  • concluded 18 partnerships in three key areas – public institutions, businesses and NGOs;
  • an online store has been developed for distribution of the production from the social enterprise;
  • systematic manual for operation and management of psychosocial centre has been written and published;
  • 4 training modules to work with the target groups in the social centre have been developed;
  • 5 trainings have taken place outside the centre (ex. in central prison);
  • 16 people were been redirected (accommodation) and 16 people have started work with our help;
  • a website/platform was created;
  • systematic package of documents has been created that describes the working processes at the psychosocial centre/ model for providing social services in the community with references to existing residential and other services;
  • promotion of the problems of the target groups – wider public, social media, websites;
  • Improving access to education and labor market of the representatives of the target groups;

The goals for the next five months are also ambitious:

  • 15 consulted clients;
  • 6 groups with a minimum of 4 ppl;
  • 4 new partnering organizations;
  • sales of the production from our social enterprise (HOPe SOAP);

* Center “Opportunity” relies on an innovative approach in providing services whose final result is to improve the welfare of the members of the target groups.
** Since its establishment in year 2008, Air Liquide Foundation works to encourage and develop philanthropic initiatives with focus on environment and life.
*** Learn more about psychosocial centre “Opportunity”: www.vazmojnost.com 
**** Learn more about Air Liquide Foundation