Anonymous Story

анонимна историяThis story has no name or face. We have called the main person in it Asen. We’d like to keep his identity secret in order to keep him safe. This is why we’ve also spared some of the details in the story.

This is a happy story, one of success!

Asen got into a worrying situation set up by his uncle. Before he knew it he found himself in Greece. Without any ID or money, he was forced to sell his body and to go begging in order to earn his living. Although he’s ashamed to admit it, he had to do that for months and months.

Today Asen lives in the House of Opportunity. He has no job yet, but he’s looking for one. He’s happy that he has a place to stay and gets food and an allowance until he becomes able to take care of himself.  His biggest joy is that he’s away from the danger of falling victim to human traffickers again.

We don’t know how he managed to escape. All we know is that he is safe now and our job is to help him get back on his feet and to start his life as a responsible adult all over again.

We will support Asen if he decides to seek justice for what he went through but for now the priority is to help him overcome the trauma and to find a job.

Many young people, who leave orphanages are in danger of becoming victims of trafficing. Find out how you can help here.