House of Opportunity Ruse

Mariyana Dimitrova

“House of Opportunity” Ruse Manager

I finished my secondary education in 1985  – the school of clothing and design – and more than 10 years I practiced my profession. In 2006 I met the Nalbantski family – they worked with children deprived of parental care. Then I decided to leave my job and to devote myself to the cause of helping children and young people in need. In 2008 I finished a vocational qualification course for acquiring social and pedagogical skills for provision and management of social services in the community, organized by Shumen University.

It is a privilege and challenge for me to work with these young people.

For me to work in this area, a person has to want it with the heart.

Georgi Mihov

Social worker

I have a Master’s degree in pedagogy, an expert on deviant behavior. I have over 10 years experience working with children and young people. I worked at Homes for children deprived of parental care and youth centres as an educator, social work assistant, professional social work and social worker. I am active in the work of NGOs with focus on young people.

Working with young people is difficult and thorny, but the opportunity to help bears much desired satisfaction.

Pavel Ivanov

Social assistant

I have been working with young poeple wth various problems for more than 20 years. After I graduated from the “Interior architecture and carpentry vocational school”, I started to explore Christian values ​​and virtues and this changed my attitude, especially towards the young people. Therefore I studied in Sofia and abroad and went through various training courses related to how to help addicted and rejected children so that they become contributing citizens in our society.

Working with young people is challenging but rewarding, especially when you see their changed lives.