House of Opportunity Varna


Viktor Dobrev

Psycologist and Social worker

For myself, I can say that I am one of those people whose profession is also their destiny.

I have a PhD in Psychology and I have three postgraduate specializations – Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling, Clinical Hypnosis and Communication, Counseling on Psycho-Somatic Disorders and Social Adaptation Disorders.

My previous experience (4 years) is related to my work with the NGO “Altruist” – Varna, working with violent, addicted and imprisoned persons in Prison-Varna.

I have worked as an expert consultant at Embrace Center in Varna for children with hyperkinesia and attention disturbance.

Associate Professor in Social and Legal Psychology at Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”.

I have participated in social projects of the Observatory Commission of the Municipality of Varna and of the Gambling Commission of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Work at FSCI is very interesting and empowering – enabling more young people to have dreams and a future is something my home country and I need strongly. Being able to see young people grow up and gain strength to live and “fight” with the difficulties in life, makes my heart sing.










Maria Stoeva 

Psycologist and Social worker

I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and Psychopathology of Development. For 11 years I have been working actively as a psychologist on various projects related to improving the quality of life of children and disadvantaged adults. In my practice, I have realized that helping others is a vocation, not a profession. This is the way I have chosen for myself and until there is love and faith in my heart, I will follow it.